Secure - Safe Place stores your data in an encrypted format and uses your password as the encryption key. Your data can only be viewed using this password.

Custom Categories - You know what you need to store better than us. We've preconfigured Safe Place with a handful of categories just to get you started. You can change or delete these, and create more of your own. Lots more.

40 Custom Fields - Each category can have from one to forty (yes, 40) custom fields. Most password storage programs limit you to five or six fields per record.

Fast Searching - Once you've stored a few hundred (or thousand) records, how do you find what you need? With Safe Place's fast search capabilities, just type a few characters to locate any record.

Password Generator - The best way to protect yourself on the Web is to use a different password for each site. Safe Place can help you with an easy to use password generator.

Auto Lock - If you walk away from your computer with Safe Place running, it can automatically lock itself after a few minutes (you determine how long). Your data remains protected until you supply the master password.

Import Assistant - We really want you to try Safe Place, so we've created a very easy to use Import Assistant to help you get data into Safe Place.

Full Export - To make it safe to try Safe Place, we promise you can export any information you enter, even after the 30-day trial period.

Easy to Use - Safe Place's standard Mac OS X interface makes it easy to save and retrieve your important information. Online help is available, but you'll probably never bother to read it.

Powerful Database Engine - Safe Place uses the 4th Dimension database engine, allowing it to easily store hundreds of thousands of records. There's also a separate utility to recover your data in the very unlikely event it becomes damaged.